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AFRAS140Syllabus2007.Fall - AFRAS 140-Oral Communication...

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AFRAS 140-Oral Communication Fall 2007 Instructor: DeWan Gibson, M.A. Office: Arts & Letters 373 Phone: 619-251-5829 Office Hours: By Appointment Email: [email protected] R EQUIRED T EXTS AND M ATERIALS FOR THE C OURSE McCroskey, J. (2001). An introduction to rhetorical communication. 9 th Edition. Needham Heights, Massachusetts: Prentice Hall. Course Objectives The primary objectives of this course are to introduce you to various aspects of communication including informative and persuasive speaking, rhetoric, communication research, and African American communication styles. In this course you will be required to: Demonstrate an ability to think critically, analyze issues and present them orally and in writing. Analytically present and support an argument. Critique the ideas and opinions of others. Write and present a cohesive argument demonstrating knowledge of research techniques, documentation, organization and the mechanics of writing.
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