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Section Notes January 25

Section Notes January 25 - • Answering criticisms of...

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Section Notes January 25, 2008 The Declaration of Independence  Human nature: rights derived from God All humans are equal Purpose: protect natural right Authority: comes from consent of the governed. In some situations  authority not justifiable  Malcom X’s Speech Hypocrisy: elections (consent): doesn’t ask. No voting accountability.  Government takes away rights.  o Creates a difficult, threatening, social situation. o Actual/perceived threat o Life liberty and pursuit of happiness (the idea of economic  growth and self determination. The American Dreams) o 20 th  century slaves: still seen as lower than whites no representation and evidence of exploitation Black Nationalism: self determination and response to government  accountability o Why no integration? Whites won’t let them Linked to fate Dilutes the vote (gerrymandering) Dr. Martin Luther King’s Speech Broken promises: failure of Untied States
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Unformatted text preview: • Answering criticisms of clergymen o Untimely response Not limited to not getting into schools. People are dying Justice delayed is justice denied. Privileged won’t give up power. o Outsiders Cannot be considered outsiders because they are members of the United States. White people causing the black people to become outsiders. Injustice anywhere. Invited by association. o Lawbreakers Why should they respect lawbreakers? Just Legal obligation to obey. Binding for everyone. Run parallel to moral law. Unjust Conflict with natural rights. Degrades the human personality. You have a moral obligation to disobey o Troublemakers Boston Tea Party example History of troublemakers. • Civil Disobedience Breaking unjust law and accepting punishments ←...
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