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February 22SectionNotes

February 22SectionNotes - War against all can’t develop...

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February 22, 2008 Section Notes 1. Hobbes a. Justice: laws say what’s good and bad i. Laws establish justice ii. Breaking laws is an act of committing injustice 1. Thrasymachus’ view: the strong make the laws and all men are self interested b. Characteristics of all Men i. Desire power (cannot be assured of power and competition for profit) ii. Constant generation of power iii. Why don’t all men want to be sovereign 1. Men desires “ease and sensual delight.” 2. Knowledge and Arts of peace a.
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Unformatted text preview: War against all: can’t develop arts of peace b. Love, becoming efficient in technical arts, etc. iv. Felicity: ability to satisfy desires 1. Unending process 2. Problematic: people fight for the same desires a. Never enough power and never satisfied b. Leads to quarrel for three reasons i. Competition: wants gain (takes people’s stuff) ii. Diffidence: wants safety (protects themselves) iii. Glory: wants recognition (uses violence indiscriminately)...
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