Upon appeal to the court of appeals the latter

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Unformatted text preview: the time the transaction took place. By way of counterclaim, the said defendant alleged that he suffered damages in the sum of P1,000 on account of the filing of this action against him by the plaintiff with full knowledge that the said defendant had nothing to do whatever with any and all of the transactions mentioned in the complaint in his own individual and personal capacity. The trial court rendered judgment ordering the defendant Antonio Vazquez to pay to the plaintiff the sum of P3,175.20 plus the sum of P377.50, with legal interest on both sums, and absolving the defendant Fernando Busuego (treasurer of the corporation) from the complaint and the plaintiff from the defendant Antonio Vazquez' counterclaim. Upon appeal to the Court of Appeals, the latter modified that judgment by reducing it to the total sum of P3,314.78, with legal interest thereon and the costs. But by a subsequent resolution upon the defendant's motion for reconsideration, the Court of Appeals set aside its judgment and ordered that the case be remanded to the court of origin for further proceedings. The defendant Vazquez, not being agreeable to that result, filed the present petition for certiorari (G.R. No. 48930) to review and reverse the judgment of the Court of Appeals; and the plaintiff Francisco de Borja, excepting to the resolution of the Court of Appeals whereby its original judgment was set aside and the case was ordered remanded to the court of origin for further proceedings, filed a cross- petition for certiorari (G.R. No. 48931) to maintain the original judgment of the Court of Appeals. The original decision of the Court of Appeals and its subsequent resolutions on reconsideration read as follows: Es hecho no controvertido que el 25 de Febrero de 1932, el demandado- apelante vendio al demandante 4,000 cavanes de palay al precio de P2.10 el cavan, de los cuales, dicho demandante solamente recibio 2,583 cavanes; y que asimismo recibio para su envase 4,000 sacos vacios. Esta provbado que de dichos 4,000 sacos vacios solamente se entregaron, 2,583 quedando en poder del demandado el resto, y cuyo valor es el de P0.24 cada uno. Presentada la demanda contra los demandados Antonio Vazquez y Fernando Busuego para el pago de la cantidad de P4,702.70, con sus intereses legales desde el 1.o de marzo de...
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