14 when a deed of donation as in this case expressly

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Unformatted text preview: ot always necessary for the injured party to resort to court for rescission of the contract. 11 It reiterated the doctrine that a judicial action is proper only when there is absence of a special provision granting the power of cancellation. 12 It is true that the aforesaid rules were applied to the contracts involved therein, but we see no reason why the same should not apply to the donation in the present case. Article 732 of the Civil Code provides that donations inter vivos shall be governed by the general provisions on contracts and obligations in all that is not determined in Title III, Book III on donations. Now, said Title III does not have an explicit provision on the matter of a donation with a resolutory condition and which is subject to an express provision that the same shall be considered ipso facto revoked upon the breach of said resolutory condition imposed in the deed therefor, as is the case of the deed presently in question. The suppletory application of the foregoing doctrinal rulings to the present controversy is consequently justified. The validity of such a stipulation in the deed of donation providing for the automatic reversion of the donated property to the donor upon non- compliance of the condition was upheld in the recent case of De Luna, et al. vs. Abrigo, et al. 13 It was held therein that said stipulation is in the nature of an agreement granting a party the right to rescind a contract unilaterally in case of breach, without need of...
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