74 thus appellants would seem to imply that the lower

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Unformatted text preview: ity to place the appellees "in possession of the 30 'quiñones' subject to these cases, now in the possession" of the Deudors, who were named individually in said motion. On January 9, 1958, appellants herein filed a manifestation in which they offered to deliver to the appellees those portions of the 30 "quiñones" on which there are no actual occupants or squatters, as well as to cooperate with the appellees in pin- pointing the unoccupied and clear areas which they are ready to deliver and to join the appellees in the filing of appropriate suits for the ejectment of all persons unlawfully occupying portions of the remaining thirty (30) "quiñones" and/or handling negotiations directed to the same end. By an order, dated January 10, 1958, the lower court denied the motion for reconsideration of the Deudors and grante...
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