By an order dated january 10 1958 the lower court

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Unformatted text preview: Araneta, Inc. Failure of the 'Deudors' to so deliver will have the effect of freeing the J.M. Tuason & Co., Inc. and the Gregorio Araneta, Inc. from all its obligations under the Compromise Agreement and judgment, and the latter shall thereafter be entitled to possession of the 30 quiñones thru this Court's process. Counsel for the J.M. Tuason & Co., Inc. and Gregorio Araneta, Inc. have also called the attention of this Court to the effect that there seem to be other persons who have allegedly bought lands from the 'Deudors' and who have submitted the corresponding Deeds of Sale to this Court but whose names have not been included in the lists submitted by the 'Deudors' to the attorneys of the J.M. Tuason & Co., Inc. and attached to the Compromise Agreement as Annexes 'B' and 'C'. The Court likewise takes cognizance of the fact that there are presently pending cases wherein persons have filed complaints praying that the difference in the price fixed by the Gregorio Araneta, Inc. for the same land should be charged against or deducted from whatever amount the 'Deudors' would receive from th...
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