It should be understood however that the

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Unformatted text preview: DEUDORS shall receive as second payment, the amount of P99,408.79 one year after the date of such delivery. In either case, the succeeding payments as hereinafter provided shall become due one year from the date of the payment immediately preceding, as follows; . 3rd payment P 99,408.79 4th payment 69,510.50 5th payment 69,510.50 6th payment 69,510.50 7th payment 69,510.50 8th payment 69,510.50 9th payment 68,555.66 P515,516.95 It was further stipulated in the agreement that "it shall be the joint and solidary obligation of the Deudors to make the buyers of the lots purportedly sold by them to recognize the title of the OWNERS over the property purportedly bought by them and to make them sign, when ever possible new contracts of purchase for said property at the current prices and terms specified by the OWNERS in their sales of lots known as 'Sta. Mesa Heights Subdivision'"; that "...
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