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M tuason co inc asserted ownership under the land

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Unformatted text preview: se No. Q- 135, entitled "Florencio Deudor, et al. vs. J. M. Tuason & Co., Inc., et al.", plaintiffs, therein, invoking title under an alleged "informacion posesoria", claimed a parcel of land of about 50 "quiñones", or 225 hectares, located in Tatalon, Quezon City, over which J. M. Tuason & Co., Inc., asserted ownership under the Land Registration Act, by virtue of an original certificate of title, covering a bigger tract and land, issued way back in 1914. The title of J. M. Tuason & Co., Inc. over portions of said 50 "quiñones" was, also, contested in said Civil Cases Nos. Q- 139, entitled "J. M. Tuason & Co., Inc. vs. Agustin de Torres", Q- 174, entitled "Apolonio Misericordia vs. J. M. Tuason & Co., Inc.", Q- 177, entitled "A...
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