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The impatience of the jm tuason co inc and gregorio

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Unformatted text preview: having granted permission to make additional constructions therein after March 16, 1953". Soon later, or on April 27, 1956, the appellees filed supplemental motion and "manifestation" praying that payment of said sum of P79,800.00 to the Deudors "be withheld until after the additional 129 illegal constructions the 30 'quiñones' area shall have been removed". Subsequently, J. M. Tuason & Co., Inc. filed another motion and "manifestation", dated August 8, 1956, to the effect that the number of illegal transactions on said area had increased to 165, that, meanwhile, several alleged purchasers from the Deudors, not mentioned in the annexes attached to the Compromise Agreement, had instituted Civil Cases Nos. Q- 1889 and Q- 1890 of the Court of First Instance Quezon City, against the Deudors and the appellees, had that, in consequence of such cases, the amounts payabl...
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