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There is no excuse therefore for the failure of the

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Unformatted text preview: nd the effect of the failure to deliver the same within said period, it is urged that the order of February 28, 1957, amounted to an amendment of the Compromise Agreement, without the consent of the parties therein, and of the decision of April 10, 1953, long after the same had become final and executory. There is no merit in this pretense. Appellants admit that the Compromise Agreement "failed to prove for a specific period within which the Deudors should deliver possession" of said 30 "quiñones". Upon the other hand, it is clear from the nature of said agreement and the circumstances surrounding the same that a period was intended by the parties thereto. Indeed, considering that the appellees had a Torrens title, they had no reason to agree on paying P614,925.74 to the Deudors, except upon the expectation of delivery of said area without unreasonable del...
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