Under the compromise agreement and subject to its

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Unformatted text preview: y them the balance of the agreed first installment — after deducting said advance - - or the sum of P79,800.00. On or about April 13, 1957,the appellees deposited this amount in Court and at the same filed a "motion and counter- manifestation" inviting attention to the constructions existing on the undelivered portion of 30 "quiñones" and praying that the Deudors be ordered to remove such constructions — regardless of whether the same existed on March 16, 1953, when the compromise Agreement was entered into, or were made after said date — within fifteen (15) days, as well as "to comply strictly with their obligation to maintain the status quo, with respect to said undelivered portion of 30 'quiñones' and to hold them liable for such damages as may result from their...
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