112 TLG International Continental Enterprising Inc v Flores

Petitioner intervened as sub lessee of bearcon over

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Unformatted text preview: an order dated October 5, 1971, granted petitioner's "Motion To Intervene" and admitted its "Complaint In Intervention", in Civil Case No. 14880, (Bearcon Trading Co., Inc. vs. Juan Fabella Et Al) of the Court of First Instance of Rizal, Branch XI. The aforecited case was an action for declaratory relief involving the rights of Bearcon Trading Co., Inc. as lessee of the premises of the aforesaid defendants. Petitioner intervened as sub- lessee of Bearcon over the property, and the purpose of its intervention was to protect its rights as such sub- lessee and to enable it, during pendency of the case, to make a consignation of the monthly rentals as it was "at a loss as to who is lawfully and rightfully entitled to receive payments of the monthly" rentals. As a consequence of the admission of the "Complaint In Intervention", petitioner deposited with the Clerk of Court of the Court of First Instance of Rizal, the following sums by way of rentals: . October 27, 1971 P900.00 November 29, 1971 600.00 January 19, 1972 750.00 March 8, 1972 1,500.00 or a total of P3,750.00, which deposits are properly covered by official receipts. On October 20, 1971, defendants in Civil Case No. 14880, filed with said Court, an "Omnibus Motion...
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