Agamemnon and Achilles (thurs)

Agamemnon and Achilles (thurs) - week 5 Thursday 11:32:00...

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week 5 Thursday 06/09/2007 11:32:00 Synopsis of Iliad: 10 year war, fight between Achilles and Agamemnon leads to the death of Patroclus (need to know way more than just that though) FINAL: 2/3 from heroes and Iliad/Odyssey and something else he can’t remember great that will really help me to study it!! and Hades and maybe Dionysus, 1/3 from first half of the class same scantron as midterm (the smaller green one), all multiple choice (some that are true/false) Look at checklist!!! And study the midterm (well duh) Book review due on Tuesday, 750 words minimum ~3 pages, no more than 1500 because max is 4 pages; talk about what the book is about and your response to what the book is trying to do, double space it Wednesday night in the lounge—review session (time is TBA) Office hours: Monday Tuesday Wednesday 2-3 Discussion between Agamemnon and Achilles (continued from yesterday): Agamemnon wants another woman in return for giving up Chrysies, there are none at the time, he wants one of the other men’s women o he thinks he will be diminished in the eyes of his peers if he doesn’t get a woman to replace Chrysies (omfg this is fucking ridiculous are these men seriously this chauvinistic?!!!!!!! They're treating a woman like a piece of meat, wtf!) Nestor tells Agamemnon not to take Achilles’ woman, and he tells Achilles to respect Agamemnon, who is his elder and has a higher rank o Agamemnon takes the honor code to an extreme (in all of Greek literature there is a theme of moderation, message to take nothing in excess; the Greeks always went beyond the limit, crossing the line) Agamemnon decides to take Achilles’ woman and Achilles is about to kill him, Hera sends Athena to calm Achilles, she grabs him by his hair and pulls him back o If Achilles kills Agamemnon, the whole expedition falls apart; Hera and Athena want the war to continue, their goal is the annihilation of Paris, his family, and the people of troy, because Athena and Hera did not get the golden apple and were rejected by Paris
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Agamemnon tries to bully Achilles and says he will come to collect the girl himself Achilles decides against killing Agamemnon because of Athena’s warning, but decides to withdraw from the fight out of resentment for Agamemnon; he tells Agamemnon “I do your fighting, I bring your glory”, so withdrawing from the fight makes a strong statement from Achilles Agamemnon assigns Odysseus to return Chrysies to her father
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Agamemnon and Achilles (thurs) - week 5 Thursday 11:32:00...

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