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PoliSciMarch 4

PoliSciMarch 4 - March 4 2008 Tuesday March 18th...

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March 4, 2008 Tuesday March 18 th , 8-11amFinal 3 Parts: IDs and Essay similar to Midterm 20points for IDs Essay drawn from material since Midterm, including Plato (choice)- 40point General question, no options (probably about authority theme?)- Anything from the whole class- 40points Locke on Authority- “In” or “An” 1. Consent and Contract- not knowledge a. Authority of gov’ has to come from contract i. In this respect, not a vision of “an” authority 2. Equality a. Prior to creation of gov’ b. No one has the authority to govern someone else c. Purpose is to protect life, liberty, property 3. Might Does Not Make Right a. Put yourself in state of war if you do so 4. Reject divine basis of secular authority 5. Revolution can be justified a. Difference between Locke and Hobbes 6. Higher Principles of natural law bound authority a. Moral claims an obligations that can be derived from natural law and right b. We don’t create these c. They exit because we are human beings 7. People can publicly judge authority a. Without this, wouldn’t be able to openly speak about revolution b. For Hobbes, you are not allowed to make public judgment 8. Authority can be divided a. Should be divided b. Division is between legislative and executive
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John Rawls’s A Theory of Justice Hypothetical Consent 1. Background a. Resurrected the idea of a social contract b. Way of thinking about politics similar to Locke and Rousseau c. Reframed what a social contract could possibly mean d. Trying to carve out a position that kind of goes between Locke and Hobbes
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PoliSciMarch 4 - March 4 2008 Tuesday March 18th...

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