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Section Notes January 28

Section Notes January 28 - affairs should match god’s...

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Section Notes January 28, 2008 The Republic of Plate Justice o Cephalus: telling the truth and repaying what’s owed. Socrates  thinks it doesn’t work in some situations. o Polemarchus: helping friends and harming enemies. Socrates  thinks to harm is always unjust. o Thrasymachus: advantage of the stronger. Socrates says  stronger don’t always act in the correct way. Just because they  are powerful doesn’t mean that they cognitively know what’s  right. 3 are similar o justice is an act; something we do. o Plato thinks justice is a state of being. Socrates definition of justice is different Plato’s view is a natural order o Not being able to mimic order of universe creates unjust. Man’s 
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Unformatted text preview: affairs should match god’s affairs. • Socrates’ Definition o Justice = minding your own business o Structure does not equal action o Can’t talk about justice with individuals so we’ll talk about a jut city. The just city has the structure. o Just city requires 3 groups (all have different nature The perfect guardians: philosopher kings and warriors wisdom Auxiliaries: young warriors courage Farmers, craftsmen moderation Plato’s logic: You know where wisdom, courage, and moderation are so you know justice must be there. It’s a circular argument. ←...
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