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January 14, 2008 Is Political Authority Based on Content or Higher Principles? Page 311 Calhoun: “We the people” The states are a compact entity and give the Constitution its powers  and the authority ultimately comes from the states The point of a constitution to limit the power of the majority, but also to  protect the right of the minority. Right of Interpostion: also called state right, veto and nullification The government can’t push so hard to where a state can use  nullification o It is necessary to bring the minority along. Why are the States so important? o The people in political community act in the states o Who signed the Constitution? o Who decides when a minority’s interests are being violated? Calhoun’s 1 st  position Do not trust the courts to decide if the minority’s rights are being 
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Unformatted text preview: violated because they are part of the majority. • Page 316 Calhoun: consent created states and then government ← 2 nd Postion • Authority comes from the people (disempowers the states) o Significant problems Historical: small portion only able to vote Philosophical: I wasn’t there when this was made so why should I consent? ← Lincoln’s Position • There was a prior Union o First Inaugural Address: “I hold that in contemplation of universal law and of the constitution of the union of these states is perpetual. o There is a mystical union that holds us together to form a perfect union. Attempt to keep slave owning south in union. ←...
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