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Anthro2December 3 - 4. Curious example of interim culture...

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December 3, 2007 1) Political Economy (Character of) Capitalism a. Ordered by mode of production b. 18 th century to present c. Classes i. Capital (haves) ii. Labor (have nots) d. WHAT DO THEY HAVE OR HAVE NOT? i. Access to the means of production 1. Land 2. Money 3. Tools 4. Labor 2) Joe Leahy’s Neighbors a. Little narration; anthropological i. Communicates what the people themselves think ii. Their perspective with least mediation as possible iii. “It’s not that sort of film” iv. Relationship evident in first money exchange 1. Generalized reciprocity 2. “We know you would help us” 3. Gender differences at bank a. Gender ideals i. Men not trusted with money v. Differences in language 1. Creole language/alternate codes/code switching vi. Integration into world system 1. Evidence a. Wearing westernized clothing (t shirts, shorts, etc) b. Place is more industrialized c. They understand market principles of exchange vii. Joe Leahy 1. Living in a westernized house 2. Automobiles 3. He’s not dressed as they are a. Representative of westernized potential
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Curious example of interim culture figure a. land must work b. learned coffee business i. Worked on plantation ii. Rags to riches story; he made something of himself. c. Mixed heritage d. Educated in English schools 5. Who does labor at the Kilima Plantation a. Dividing the workers amongst themselves and conquer b. He keeps the people from getting money i. Divisions within the Goniga society ii. Older generation give him everything; theyre more likely to go along with him iii. its US against THEM b. Marx: a Labor Theory of Value i. Semiotics of social difference in capitalist, Modern, industrial world 1. Language of social difference 2. Identify bound to role in production 3. Commodity as sign a. Commodity fetishism ii. Social status mediated by material possessions iii. Commodities as markers of social distinction 1. Not just, I have. But also 2. I KNOW what to have. 3....
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Anthro2December 3 - 4. Curious example of interim culture...

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