0218 mol 4 consider three 1 l flasks at the same

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Unformatted text preview: collected over water at 27 oC in a 3.80 L vessel at a total pressure of 0.974 atm (the vapor pressure of H2O at 27 oC is 0.0342 atm). How many moles of KClO3 were consumed in the reaction? A. 0.104 mol B. 0.0967 mol C. 1.07 mol D. 73.5 mol E. 0.218 mol ____ 4. Consider three 1 L flasks at the same temperature and pressure. Flask 1 contains CO gas, flask 2 contains N2 gas, and flask 3 contains O2 gas. In which flask do the molecules have the greatest average kinetic energy? A. Flask 1 B. The molecules in all the flasks have the same average kinetic energy. C. Flask 2 D. Flask 3 E. The molecules in two of the flasks have the same average kinetic energy. 2 ____ 5. A photographic film needs a minimum of 80.0 kJ/mol for exposure. What is the longest wavelength of radiation with sufficient energy to expose the film? A. 2.49 x 10- 30 m B. 2.49 x 10- 27 m C. 1.50 x 10- 6 m D. 1.50 x 10- 3 m ____ 6. What is the maximum number of electrons that can be described by the quantum numbers n = 6, l = 1? A....
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