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nature of the gods, Zeus and Poseidon (Tues)

nature of the gods, Zeus and Poseidon (Tues) - Tuesday...

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Tuesday, class 6 14/08/2007 11:26:00 Storyline from yesterday: Origins follow patterns; begins with acorn/animal Mother Earth and Tartarus = acorn (especially after castration of Uranus) Female, chicken, birds, eggs, idea of a tree; all this is present in ancient myth Barrowed idea of a tree (indo-European oak tree); religious syncretism o Cross over between religions; pagans and Christians etc. Began with story of evolution, beginning with the natural elements Third dynasty, were first perfect anthropomorphic entities (who were the parents of Oceanus??) Second generation were offspring of Zeus, had many lovers with whom he had children Fidelity by gods Hera has a child partheonogenically (sp wtf??) The men are allowed to have affairs, women weren’t supposed to engage in extramarital affairs; reflection of Greek society Hera has reputation for turning on Zeus’s other women and their children born by Zeus
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