25 c and a wavelength of 13x1016 m calculate the mass

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Unformatted text preview: C. 1.48x1020 D. 1.65x105 3. A particle has a velocity equal to 0.25 c and a wavelength of 1.3x10 ­16 m. Calculate the mass of the particle in kilograms. (c = 3.00x108 m/s) A. 1.7x10 ­20 kg B. 6.8x10 ­26 kg C. 8.5x10 ­19 kg D. 3.3x10 ­28 kg 4. How many distinct magnetic quantum numbers are possible if the angular momentum quantum number is 6? A. 13 B. 7 C. 12 D. 3 5. Which of the following quantum number sets (n, l, ml) is unacceptable?...
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