9gm - Greek Mythology class 4 Epic of Gilgemesh Bull of...

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Greek Mythology class 4 09/08/2007 11:29:00 Epic of Gilgemesh Bull of heaven called to mite Gilgemesh and Enkidu etc., etc. House of dust is the place of after life; not a pleasant place; all mortals must eventually go there Gilgemesh must eventually die, despite being 2/3 god Gilgemesh feels a bit of guilt b/c Enkidu died essentially b/c of him o Gilg refuses to accept the death, waits for his friend to wake up Utnapishtam—only human to have been given immortality by the gods, lives on the island of Dilmun (isles of the blessed) o Gilg is purely selfish at this point; no longer cares about Enkidu, his people, etc. only abou his mortlity during his journey…kills and skins a lion, wears its skin and carries a large club (as Hercules does, some argue a connection) throwing off his clothes on the boat represents the selfish idiosyncratic attitude of gilg (wtf??) beginning of a rebirh; he is now a man who understands what t means to be a god king; he is now doing what Enkidu has done reaches the garden of the sun god, sees a hut and a woman, Sudori; breaks open her door and learns the locatio of Utnapishtam o she tells him: you are a human, return home, enjoy your life as a mortal he does not wish to hear it convinces Urshinagi to take him across; for this urshanagi is punished b banishment from paradise (Dilmun Utnapishtum's wife convinces him t help gilgamesh Polytheism: gods are not omnipotent, good and evil, next world is a place of suffering monotheistic: all present, god, knowing, powerful. Next world is a place of reward Why does Enlil decde to wipe out man kind with the flood? Too many of them, they are to loud, he can’t sleep o Utnapishtum is save b/c of Ea; Enlil feels bad so he give Utnapishtum immortality for saving the animals and humankind o Enlil (and others) did a similar thing in the cedar forest with Humbaba Extreme similarities b/t this flood and Noah’s; widelt beleved that they are the same
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9gm - Greek Mythology class 4 Epic of Gilgemesh Bull of...

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