Zeus and Poseidon, Artemis and Athena, Apollo (weds)

Zeus and Poseidon, Artemis and Athena, Apollo (weds) -...

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Wednesday, class 7 15/08/2007 11:26:00 Athena is the offspring of Zeus and Maetis Midterm: who’s who, story lines, sequence of events, heritage, places Tests: Know parentage, stories and characters involved, characteristics (older Olympians are older in age), dress differently o Compare Zeus and Poseidon Zeus and Poseidon look alike, mid 40s, have beards (why is this important?), Poseidon carries a trident, Zeus carries a thunderbolt, powerfully built, longish hair (what is the differentiation?), the porpoise and horse are usually with Poseidon, Zeus is usually with the eagle and sometimes the bull (most gods have an animal that is associated with them), Zeus lives in the skies and comes down to earth, Poseidon lives in the sea and comes out to the surface, so their beards look different and that is how you tell them apart. o This comparison can be used for all major gods Demeter and Hera, both in their 40s, stately handsome women, Hera has staff and tiara, Hera has the peacock and the cow, Demeter is goddess of fertility, associated with some sort of plant, usually has an ear of grain or a snake (symbol of fertility—remember Gilgamesh), mother of Persephone, associated with agriculture, Demeter has a tiara and staff occasionally as well o Hades Hades has helmet, wild eyed, (not many images of him), honored Hades rather circumspect o Hestia Prayed to her every day, goddess of the heath, very few images of her, one goddess with anthropomorphic aspect that is never shown, only three images exist of her Kings prayed to Zeus, sailors to Poseidon, heads of households to Zeus, Merchants and fisherman to Poseidon; always knew the gods were capable of evil but hoped they would help you if you were good to them o Mythologies are manifestations of those times when god was evil o Never overtly offended the gods Son might suffer, grand son, gods could wait 5 generations to punish your family for something that you did
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Athena and Aphrodite Film: Athena The entire Olympian kingdom witness Athena’s birth from Zeus’s head Came into the world fully grown, clothed, and armed Hephaestus used an axe to open Zeus’s skull to relieve his horrible headache, and thus Athena emerged and was born Athena Goddess of love and beauty The horae affered her assistance o Dressed her in clothing, gold jewelry, crowns, spring flowers Where ever she walked, grass and flowers sprung up from the ground and doves surrounded her She emerged from the medditeranean sea Her conception; from Uranus’s genitals She emerged from the sea to the far off island of Cyprus Her first love was with Luretes o She wanted him to follow her to Olympia, but e would not leave the sea o She turned hm into a seashell She arrived ful of provocative thoughts She disracted Zeus by putting amourous thoughts in his mind
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Zeus and Poseidon, Artemis and Athena, Apollo (weds) -...

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