7gm - Tuesday class 2 Epic poem: portray a patriotic...

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Tuesday class 2 07/08/2007 11:31:00 Epic poem: portray a patriotic event/cycle long historical poem, Greek cycle/Homeric cycle=Trojan war (Iliad / Odyssey) repetition, composed orally and passed down king Gilgemesh 2700 B.C. King of Uruk, now southern Iraq; antiquity: ancient Sumer, Sumerian language related to Turkish and Mongolian, not Semitic Sumerians not indigenous to southern Iraq creators of civilization, in the technical sense: I highly complex society based in agriculture; living in towns and cities based n intensive agriculture civilization comes with writing, markets, trade, (small) armies 3000 B.C. invention of writing; with writing comes history—no history without documentation. Legends not=history cannot verify oral stories; history only exists if it can be verified epics can maintain truth, history. Otherwise it is a vehicle to enhance a new king, events are made up we don’t know how much of the Epic of Gilgemesh is true; though it is almost certain he is a historical character b/c he is on the kings list real king, real city, real people, real gods the Sumerian people believed in religion, interacted with the gods; cultural aspects are visible the people who succeed the Sumerians will make changes Homer knew of Gilgemesh, was influenced by it; both have a close friend/companion,
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7gm - Tuesday class 2 Epic poem: portray a patriotic...

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