midterm review, 3 dynasties (thurs)

midterm review, 3 dynasties (thurs) - Greek W3 Thursday...

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Unformatted text preview: Greek W3 Thursday 23/08/2007 11:33:00 No Essay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1hr 15 min, 100 questions • Eros came earlier, but was he also the son of Ares and Aphrodite?? ←-Who’s who type questions ←-places ←-story line • overview • key turning points • moral lesson it’s supposed to teach or explanation for how something came about • order of events within story ←-anything having to do with interpretations r comments he made in class about Gilgamesh or the nature of the gods ←-anything on the list, anything said in class (study notes like mad) BUY A SCANTRON!!! ← Review for midterm: Epic of Gilgamesh: ← scorpion men: guardians of the Machu Mountains, have scorpion, half men ← Uruk is in Sumer, Southern Iraq ← Complex civilization based on intensive agriculture • Reservoirs • Canals • Standing army, equivalent of FD, PD • Schools • Markets • Religious establishments; ziggurat • Not so literate, 16%; cuneiform • 2700 B.C. ← each city has its own god, a special relationship to a specific god; Uruk has Anu and Shamash??? • They have theology • Mythological aspect, stories • Monsters and fairies, genii (more fundamentalist than event he Greeks) • World of monsters and heroes—the world of Gilgamesh combines all these things o Scorpion men contrast with Greek centaurs, usually placed n the frontiers • Ashen-faced bird-man who takes Enkidu down into the House of Dust ← Details: • dreams, Gilgamesh’s, Enkidu’s (House of dust dream), shared dreams o Study tip: take each main character and follow them through the whole story in your head...
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midterm review, 3 dynasties (thurs) - Greek W3 Thursday...

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