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Artemis and Dionysis (Thurs)

Artemis and Dionysis (Thurs) - Thursday week 2 Go to Eres...

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Thursday, week 2 16/08/2007 11:32:00 Go to Eres website for the list for the midterm Quiz Origins of the gods(Monday), original 4 gods, 1 st 2 nd 3 rd and 4 th dynasties Who are the 12 Olympians Just the titans that he mentioned in class Apollo has attributes of light (there is a differenced b/t light and sun Helius, Hyperion (sun gods) Artemis film: The gods are like nature; it is useful and beautiful, but also fearsome and treacherous o Mythology provided the idea that nature could be tamed The north wind was worshped, Horaeus, he had horse Artemis was the sister of Apollo, their mother Leto had an affair with Zeus The nature is her domain, her alters usually found in the woods Protected flora and fauna, provided water when needed, protected the animals, “green” goddess (she was a hippy) Artemis told her father (Zeus) when she was little that she wanted to remain a virgin all her life, asked for 60 ocean nymphs as companions, asked for 50 river nymphs to protect her, asked for the woods and mountains, a tunic, and a bow and arrow; he gave her all of it She was proud that her birth was an easy one, she thought she could choose her own destiny o But even gods had to submit to their own fate, no exceptions Always was assertive and hadclear ideas about her future As skilled an archer as her brother; she shot an arrow at anyone who offended her
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Her and Apollo were inseperable, but conflicts arose Apollo was bent on keeping her chastity o Artemis fell in love with Orion, Rhea sent a scorpian on Orion, in order to escape he jumped into the sea, Apollo bet Artemis she could not hit him with her arrow, she didn’t know it was him and she killed him, and was deeply saddened when she found out The darker side of the gods is expressed by the occasional fury of nature Giants had serpents tails for legs and serpents in their hair, they surrounded the mountains to attack Zeus Artemis and Apollo saved leto, pinned sumone to the earth?? Naiobi some queen had sons and daughters, boasted she was a better mother than Leto, so Artemis and Apollo killed all her children and Zeus turned her nto a rock, taking pity on her Hermes was the meddenger of gods, mira (?)’s offspring with zeus o Made an instrument (toroise shell lyre) played beautiful music o He was a precocious child o Became a thief, stole 50 heifers from the divine heard, Apollo was furious and took him to Olympus for punishment o Zeus encouraged hermes to plead not guilty o Hermes sang his brother’s praises with his lyre, he gave Apollo his lyre
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Artemis and Dionysis (Thurs) - Thursday week 2 Go to Eres...

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