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October 15, 2007 (continued from topics in previous lecture) 1) Language and Culture a) Displacement: ability to communicate ideas apart from immediate, temporal and/or geographic context i) You can talk about something but we can displace oursleves b) Productivity: ability to combine multiple calls together; almost infinite capacity to create new messages i) Infinite things to communicate 2) Confluence of Language and Culture a) Sociolinguists: study of relationship between social and linguistic variations; language in social context b) Codes: micro-cultural languages; language practice as a symbol (even tone of voice, formal, informal speech) c) Code switching: ability to use multiple codes properly
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Unformatted text preview: i) Grandma vs. best friend. d) Historical linguistics: looking at how languages changed in long term 3) Basque a) Language isolate (cannot trace) b) Generational gap between younger and older generations c) repressed during Franco regime in Spain (1939-1976) canceling education; was also subject to revitalization movement d) Primary Symbols of Basque (symbol to wagon) i) Dress/dance ii) Language (shifts, tones) iii) Profession iv) Increasing development of symbolic ethnicity e) Basque American language use: i) From active use passive knowledge, symbolic display ii) Reading of headstones; diachronic analysis...
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