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PoliSciJanuary 9 - An authorities establish relationships...

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January 9, 2008 For Friday: Bring 2 Large blue books and read material from syllabus.  Authority o Two Defining Features of Political Authority Political/legal authority entails a right to rule.  Political/legal authority entails the capacity to impose  obligations on subjects.  Right to rule connected to the obligations to obey.  o Contrast to other forms of authority: parents, doctors,  professors, skilled craftsmen and experts, employers. Some of these can disappear; no obligation to some of  these.  o Should authority have to do with skill and expertise, rather than  votes? o Two Schools of Thought on Authority “An” Authority vs. “In” Authority. “An” Authority Plato argues that the best regime is one where the  people know how to rule.  Connected to knowledge.  Issues statements that should be believed;  surrender your judgments. 
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Unformatted text preview: An authorities establish relationships of inequality. There are those who know and those who dont know. Substantive purpose Separate from force and violence. In Authority Hobbes offered the best cases for in authority A function of offices and rules o Not of knowledge Issues commands that are to be obeyed and not necessarily to be believed. Recognize equality because not bases on things like knowledge and expertise Procedures are opposed to substantive purposes. Might does not make right. o Central Philosophical Questions Is it possible to justify political authority? Can/should political authority be limited? Are there limits to our political obligations? Can you question/disobey authority and still respect it. Can civil disobedience be justified?...
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PoliSciJanuary 9 - An authorities establish relationships...

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