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Anthro2November 9

Anthro2November 9 - common 1 New members constantly added...

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November 9, 2007 Review Of Kinship 1) Kinship calculation a. Must determine ethnographically b. Kinship terminology i. Words groups use to express relationships ii. Kin terms: reflect social construction of kinship in given cultural context c. Kin terms i. Can and do lump multiple kin types into the same category 1. Grandfather, mother, cousin, aunt, uncle, etc 2. First cousin has eight genealogical kin types a. MBS, MBD, MZS, MZD, FBD, FZS AND FZD d. Descent groups i. Among non industrial food producers, analogous to nuclear family ii. Permanent social unit whose members say they have ancestors in
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Unformatted text preview: common 1. New members constantly added; viable social group 2. Groups continues despite individual members a. Corporate group iii. Exogamous 1. Members must seek mates from other groups iv. Two common styles of inclusion and exclusion 1. Matrilineal and patrilineal v. Lineages and clans; both apical ancestry 1. Lineages: demonstrated descent (who begot who, begot who, begot who) 2. Clans: stipulated descent (needs no clarification)...
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