The Olympians (Tues)

The Olympians (Tues) - Week 3 Tuesday class 2 9:34:00 AM...

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Week 3, Tuesday class 2 21/08/2007 11:34:00 Checklists for Gilgamesh and midterm online on eRes; mot de passe: rock Skip ones not absolutely certain, THEN go back Effective test taking skills and what not Buy green scantron (100 spaces), and a blue book (the big one, no the small one) o ~70 multiple choice and a few true/false dates are uber important—fuck 1 hr 15 min; essay ~30 min (~2/min) around 2000 B.C. the Greeks enter the Middle East, form cities, sophisticated but small between 7,000-10,000 = city, less = town Mycene was the greatest f the kingdoms of the Greeks The Olympians Zeus shorter beard and hair (than Poseidon) Lightening bolt mid forties eagle Poseidon matted beard trident
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dolphin, horse, bull (fertility symbol, Poseidon Zeus and Dionysus) monsters are associated with the sea, or dark (caves); often children of Poseidon Dionysus Hermes takes him to Mt. something or other Syble cares for him there?? Speads wine Zeus and Io Io guarded by Argus, Hermes comes by Zeus; command and lulls Argus to sleep, then kills him (think Humbaba from Gilgamesh) o Hermes’ epithet becomes Argophontic, killer of Argus Io is driven by a gadfly, flees to Egypt and returns to human form, gives birth to Epaphus, the Egyptian god Apis o Another of her decedents is Europa, who is snatched away by Zeus who takes her to Crete, impregnates her, and then abandons her Her father sends her brothers to search for her; along the way her brothers form kingdoms of their own
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The Olympians (Tues) - Week 3 Tuesday class 2 9:34:00 AM...

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