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PoliSci1 Review Session - PoliSci1 Review Session Plato's...

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PoliSci1 Review Session Plato’s response to corruption? Proper virtues: Reason- wisdom is virtue (philo king) Spiritedness-courage(warrior) Desire- moderation(laborers) Within individual and within the society Parallel between soul and city Corruption applies to both Loss of rule of reason over the whole Essentially a disharmony between parts of the soul (can effect individuals or city as a whole. Must put soul back together.) Philo-kings, laborers, warriors Knowledge of the truth, they are the only ones who know how they should properly function If they aren’t working together, then there is corruption Why Plato philosophically justified? -reason makes philosophically justified -consent doesn’t play a role for Plato -constant giving of reason and support makes something a philo justification Locke natural right to property: Life, liberty, property. How do you come to acquire property? You labor, adds value. Hobbes: everything is everyone’s, no one owns anything except their bodies -no property right like Locke says. Anything you need to maintain your own security and life, there is no property. You have your own mind and body, no one can take that away from you Allegory of the Cave: cave is realm of ignorance and appearance (appearance vs. truth). Cant have knowledge of something that isn’t real. Idea of a tree, form of a tree is real. Cant have knowledge of a shadow. Outside is form, reality. Reason is the
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faculty that takes us out of the cave and allows us to realize the truth. .Philo kings use reason to come out and learn. Fuels noble lie and helps them to reasonably rule the city. Reason should rule, that is the purpose of the Cave Allegory. Justify the rule of the philo kings. Hypothetical consent: explicit and tactic are first two we learned about. Doesn’t want to talk about how people actually consent. .interested in what people would consent to in a fair choice situation. What would people agree to if they were put in
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PoliSci1 Review Session - PoliSci1 Review Session Plato's...

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