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AnthroSeptember 28

AnthroSeptember 28 - (iv They strive to establish rapport a...

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September 28, 2007 1) Brief Intro a) Three hallmarks of cultural anthropology i) Subject: cultural patterns ii) Method: participant observation (LIVING AMONGST THE PEOPLE) (i) It is extremely important for an ethnographer to record things as they see them (ii) Staying more than a year in the field allows the ethnographer to repeat the season on his or her arrival, when certain events and processes may have been missed because of the initial culture shock. (iii) Anthropologists sometimes keep field notes and a personal diary (iv)
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Unformatted text preview: (iv) They strive to establish rapport , a good friendly working relationship based on personal contact with the hosts. (v) Their goal is to try to understand and comprehend, not to be exactly like the people they’re studying. (vi) Other methods include: conversation, interviewing, getting the genealogies of the people, having key cultural consultants, obtaining life histories, etc. iii) Perspective: anthropological b) Words divide and unite: 2 functions in language i) Communicative ii) Symbolic...
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