8gm - Wednesday class 3 11:38:00 ← A classical myth is a...

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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday class 3 08/08/2007 11:38:00 ← A classical myth is a story that, through its classical form, has attained a kind of immortality because its inherent archetypal beauty, profundity, and power have inspired rewarding renewal and transformation by successive generations. ← ← Religious system built on fear • Too pretty, successful (think Hera) ← The mostly good god: the Sun God ← Forces of nature—rivers, Earth, wind, etc.—were all gods. Natural phenomena were deities ← 3200 B.C. – 2700 B.C. the peoples of ancient Iraq taming the overflowing rivers ← It was believed that religious thought began to form around 6 yrs old ← Priesthoods developed theology developed • Rain, wind, other natural elements were thought of as good and powerful and so determined to be deities • Fate is already predetermined ← The gods resembled humans…people like to worship what is familiar (the same concept as rejecting foreign religion in favor of the safe and familiar) ← **Most religious ideas are based on the world around us ← Premis inter havis--________between equals ← Sun—god of justice and of life ← The ancient Greek, Roman, and Sumerian religious followers were fundamentalists ← Mythology v. religion: the stories of the gods ← ← Gilgemesh, ancient Sumerian gods ← Enlil—chief god, “prime minister”, he holds the tablets of destiny, wind god ← Adid—minor wind god ← Anu-oldest god, god of the high heavens, head of the council of gods ← Asham—sun god ← Ishtar—goddess of love war, and fertility, human and animal ← Ea—god of the sweet waters, god of wisdom, friend to man ←...
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8gm - Wednesday class 3 11:38:00 ← A classical myth is a...

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