Demeter, origins of the gods, Pandora (Mon)

Demeter, origins of the gods, Pandora (Mon) - Week 3, class...

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Week 3, class 1 20/08/2007 11:33:00 Demeter Film: Goddess of the corn field, fruits, and abundance of the field Aluzinian mysteries—festival, thousands of peple came to worship Demeter She gave Tholomus the first grain and plow, assigned him the tak of spreading the knowledge of agriculture around the world Duclelian was warned about Zeus’ deluge when he was angry with the mortals he took his wife on a boat and they floated for 9 days and 9 nights came to rest on Mt. Parnasus, immediately offered a sacrifice to Zeus, who rewarded them by recreating mortals each threw a stone behind their shoulder and recreated man Zeus caught sight of Demeter and decided that he wanted her to be his she was frightened and so she ran away turned herself into a cow Zeus turned himself into a bull Gave birth to Persephone Hades and Persephone Hades was the third of the leaders of the gods Master of the underworld Persephone picked a flower, Hades came up to the Earth and kidnapped her, brought her with him to the underworld o Zeus was in on the plot Helius and Hecate were the only witnesses to the scene Demeter mourned and searched for her daughter for 9 days and 9 nights
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Demeter met with Hecate, who had heard her crying as Hades took her, offered to escort Demeter to Helius Helius gave Zeus away Persephone became queen of the u derworld, Demeter was still furious o Withdrew from her duties and left Mt. Olympus o Reached the territory of King Ilusus His daughters brought her to the palace She became the nanny for a baby prince, treated him like a god Bestowed immortality upon him Once, the queen saw Demeter holding the baby over the fire and reacted accordingly, Demeter told her the boy could no longer be immortal And thus she left back for Mt. Olympus Left Mt. Olympus and stopped bearing fruit on the Earth, demanded to
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Demeter, origins of the gods, Pandora (Mon) - Week 3, class...

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