annobiblio - bias. Cozzens, Lisa. "The...

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Michael Weems Earnest English 102 3 April 2008 Working Bibliography “Freedom's Choice.” Time Magazine . 07 January 1957. 1-9. 13 March 2008. <,8816,808897,00.html>. Barber, Noah. “Personal. .. From Budapest”. Saturday Evening Post . Indianapolis, Indiana. 15 December 1956. p.25-84. This is a eyewitness account of the events taking place in Budapest, Hungary Starting on Tuesday, October 25 to November 3, 1956. He describes his experiences throughout the revolution happening in Hungary. It is a good and highly detailed account of what occurred, with minimum
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Unformatted text preview: bias. Cozzens, Lisa. &quot;The Montgomery Bus Boycott.&quot; Civil Rights Movement . 29 June 1998. 3 Apr 2008. &lt;;. This articles describes the history of events leading up to the Bus Boycott by local Negroes in Montgomery. She criticizes the fact that some people monumental to the Boycott are frequently overlooked. One example would be Durr Parks, who was a local white lawyer sympathetic to the Boycott (Cozzens 2). Eskew, Glenn. But for Birmingham. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1997....
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annobiblio - bias. Cozzens, Lisa. &amp;amp;quot;The...

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