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Unformatted text preview: Mostly we use int and double variables (integers and reals) 04/29/09 R. Smith - University of St Thomas - Minnesota 2 More Recap • Choosing between C and Matlab – Matlab is good for exploring math problems – C is good for • well defined problems • programming in restricted environments • group oriented projects and large scale programs • We use printf() to produce output – Variable number of arguments – first is a string – String may contain ‘codes’ to print ints or doubles • Write programs incrementally – Write a few statements – enough to compile and run – Test what you have and make it work, then add some more 04/29/09 R. Smith - University of St Thomas - Minnesota 3 “Including” a file with some functions • The ‘source file’ = the C file with your program • Adding some functions to our program –...
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