L. 3a ~ Synapse Formation

Agrin ko mice demonstrate that this signal is not

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Unformatted text preview: protein from the motor neurons and see if these proteins can induce Ach receptor production. Agrin can do this! Agrin is a transynaptic clustering s ignal at the NMJ. Agrin KO mice demonstrate that this signal is not required fro t he embryonic aggression of AChRs to the central region of the muscle but is necessary for their precise alignment iwth motor nerve terminals. muscle fi bers are fused together so there are multiple nuclei. When a axon innervates a fi ber, it increases ACh receptor transcription in nuclei near by but decreases transcription in nuceli that are far away. Motor neurons induce postsynaptic clustering of AChR through agrin-MUSK-Rapsyn pathway" AChR clustering" agrin secreted by motor neur...
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