L. 3a ~ Synapse Formation

Extracellular matrix between the pre and postsynaptic

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Unformatted text preview: synaptic vs Postsynaptic. Receptors are green. Extracellular matrix between the pre and postsynaptic regions. Can mark this different components for visualization purposes as shown in next slide. Vesicles" Development of NMJ" Merged imaged shows the proximity of the presynaptic vesicle to the postsynaptic. 1.! A growth cone approaches a newly formed myotube." " " " 2. The growth cone forms a morphologically unspecialized but functional contact." " " 3. The terminal accumulates synaptic vesicles and a basal lamina forms in the synaptic cleft." " " " 4. Multiple axon converge on a single site as the muscle matures." " " " 5. All axon b...
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