L. 3a ~ Synapse Formation

In contrast many excitatory s ynapes form on

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Unformatted text preview: ivity effectively. In contrast, many excitatory s ynapes form on dendrites where their activity produce tiny potentials that are s ummed up to produce an effect. The total number of synaptic profi les increases exponentially through the fi rst postnatal week and then continues to increase at a lower rate over the next s everal weeks. motor neuron axons are labeled below with BTX. This shows the c olocalization of the neurons s ynapse signaling is highly localized so that neurotransmitters can act quickly. Diffusion would be a slow process and thus not effi cient for s ignaling. NMJ as a model to study synapse formation" Presynaptic" Terminal" Postsynaptic" Terminal" Pre...
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