L. 3a ~ Synapse Formation

Musk protein is necessary boht for early

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Unformatted text preview: on, interacts with receptor. activates rapsyn which leads to clustering of ach receptors. Agrin binds to receptor and through the pathway shown above causes c lustering of AchRs. MuSK protein is necessary boht for early prepatterning of AChRs that is observed in the absence of motor axons, as well as nerve-induced clustering. muscle has intrinsic ability to induce some clustering on its own. ach receptors being clustered important for maintaining proper muscle? Synapse elimination" First, intrinsic muscle clustering works and then agrin works to further increase the AChR clustering. Thus, intrinsic properties are the fi rst to work. There is high specificity in the neuromuscular junction. ONE NEURON ONE MUSCLE FIBER ~ multiple NMJ development: post-synaptic" Primitive muscle cells" first have a bunch of neurons on one muscle fiber but then at the end, only one so must have synaps...
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