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Anthro2November 26

Anthro2November 26 - 1 Gender a All human groups recognize...

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November 26, 2007 1) Gender a. All human groups recognize, teach and demand behavioral differences between gender groups b. Gender ideals i. Promoted and sustained by constantly being described and modeled to us 1. Gender roles: Kottak says the contribution to subsisitence more or less is equal 2. Vary cross culturally a. Yanomamivs Kawelka 3. Vary over time a. Industrial revolution inspired men to be breadwinners; relegated women to the domestic sphere b. Pubic private divide collapsing because women are becoming more active in the public sphere 4. Not inextricable from sexual orientation a. “manly hearted woman” in native American societies c. Gender stratification i. More pronounced in societies like our own with that dichotomy ii. Domestic public dichotomy iii. Dominant and alternate ideals 1. Dominant ideals of femininity vs. alternate ideals of femininity (motherly, model-esque vs. idea of woman as a warrior, aggressive, businesswoman) 2. People pick and choose d. M. Mead: three examples of gender differences i.
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