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PolySci Review Section - Review Section 10:30-11:30 am. *no...

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**no comparing and contrasting ancients and moderns : Virtu is used to get fortuna. Virtu involves risk taking, audacity, prudence, practical knowledge, and foresight. Relate back to how Prince should be: unpredictable. Relating back to larger questions: What are the qualities that a leader should have? 4 Main Questions 1. Is it possible to justify political authority? 2. Can/Should political authority be limited? Are there limits to our obligations? 3. Can revolution be justified? 4. Can you question/disobey authority and still respect it? Clarification of the Veil of Ignorance: The means through which we enter the original position through the thought experiment. Rawls doesn’t think this would ever happen (hypothetical). The veil of ignorance is lifted incrementally as you structure your society and thus, you learn more about yourselves. When don’t you know you’re in the original position? Gender Life plan Sexuality Intelligence Religion Generations Race Attitude towards risk Things you know: Basic notions of economics Principles of psychology People have desires and they will conflict Some amount of cooperation can benefit all people. Primary and Social goods : things that people would want regardless of who they are. Why do we choose the difference principle? Every time we make a decision that brings about inequality you must consider the person with the lowest social position. Appealing because no one knows their position under the veil of ignorance, so you might just be that person. Natural lottery:
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PolySci Review Section - Review Section 10:30-11:30 am. *no...

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