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Anthro2October 3

Anthro2October 3 - iii Large complex brains that use...

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October 3, 2007 1) “You are- I Am” (NEANDERTHAL GRAVES) a) Reflexive self : capacity to recognize death because we are conscious b) Capacity to construct “symbolic reality” i) Evolved w/ changes in anatomy ii) Unique faculty to wield symbols c) Animals capable of saying “You are- I am” i) Irony: recognition binds us to one another 2) What single feature inspired evolution of humanity? a) Our feet because it gave us the ability to stand. b) Subsequent development: i) Our view of the world changed because we stood upright ii) Sex became more personal; face to face; enhanced sensuality iii) Promoted mother/child interaction iv) Neotony: beings born without faculties of adults; imcomplete. 3) Not dependent upon but is contingent upon our biology a) Bipedality: whole suite of other capabilities i) Tongue, lips, vocal chords manipulate sounds ii) Thumbs: manipulate material
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Unformatted text preview: iii) Large complex brains that use symbols. (1) Forms of communications iv) We are more than the sum of our parts 4) Arbitrary relationship between symbol and meaning 5) Neanderthal graves tell us what? a) They tell us that they viewed themselves as something more than nature b) They reflected on the meaning of self c) First direct evidence of 2 legged primate with consciousness of self d) Funeral practices: reflect attempt to maintain identity in the face of biological process of depth 6) 3 Uglies a) Hubris : divides us from nature (we’re special because we were created by god) b) Triumphalism : divides us from nature (won the race of evolution) WE ARE THE BEST, THE APEX, ETC. c) Phallocentrism : divides us from each other (gender and race) PUTS MORE EMPHASIS ON THE INDIVIDUAL...
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