oedipus contd. hercules weds

oedipus contd. hercules weds - Wednesday W4 More on...

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Wednesday W4 29/08/2007 11:45:00 More on Oedipus… Sophocles’ play “The Tyrant” What is the plot? The role of Teiresias o What about the oracle? Jocasta o Why does she commit suicide? Why does Oedipus blind himself? -when Oedipus goes to the oracle, he repeatedly asks the wrong questions, which in part leads to his downfall. -What is the role of destiny in our lives? Do the fates control our lives? Do the gods? The gods can interfere directly in your lives; if ever they stop paying attention to you, then you have free will -Oedipus accuses Prion (his brother) and Teiresias (the blind prophet) of trying to steal his throne -Jocasta hangs herself when she finds out the truth -when Oedipus finally realizes what he has done, he blinds himself with his mother’s/wife’s broach so that “in blindness he sees” -What does this story tell us about fate, destiny, and free will? -Oedipus will lose his thrown -two daughters and two sons, offspring of incest, I don’t know their names because some dude just sneezed super loud behind me—gross Polynikes and Ateacles (I’m guessing these are Oedipus’ sons maybe?) die in the fight when Thebes is invaded, Prion takes over the state and tells the people that Ateacles will have a glorious funeral, but the traitor Polynikes (why is he a traitor?) will be left on the battle field to be eaten by dogs; every Greek family is supposed to bury their kinsmen, if you don’t have the correct prayers said over you, you cannot reach the underworld Anitgone, his sister, decides to bury the body—just some dirt thrown on the body and
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oedipus contd. hercules weds - Wednesday W4 More on...

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