America The Nation of Possiblities

America The Nation of Possiblities - Weems 1 Lara Weems...

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Weems 1 Lara Weems English 101-15 Dr. Anu Celly Narula Feb 19, 2008 America: The Nation of Possibilities America is the land of the free, home of the brave, and the nation of opportunity. One thing that sets America apart from all other countries is the fact that America gives every single person the opportunity to succeed in life. Each individual man works hard for his living, and based on his work, this man will either be wealthy and prosperous or poor and needy. America is truly a nation of possibilities where a man with a goal can achieve his dreams through hard work, diligence, character and virtue. In order to improve individual social ranking in America, one must have good character with good morals. A man can start with a card board box as a house and newspapers for clothes, and end up as a wealthy business man on Wall Street. How? Through honesty and integrity. Attaining success is all based on the individual and how badly he wants what he is trying to achieve. Money, responsibilities, a respectable job, nice things, etc are not just handed to people; these things must all be earned. To earn such things one must display honesty first and foremost. If an employee cannot be trusted with small tasks, how is he expected to be trusted with the main decisions? This employee will never be promoted. An honest employee will gain favor from his boss, and will gain more responsibilities. With the new responsibilities, the employee must then show determination and hard work (Alger 264). Going above and beyond requirements shows
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Weems 2 the management that the employee is serious about his work and is eager to succeed. The final characteristic imperative for success is desire (Alger 64-65). Pulling oneself up from poverty to prestige is difficult, and without a strong desire it is easy to become over-burdened and give up. Keeping passion and hope will give renewal to one’s morale and make the inevitable frustrations a little easier. Remain optimistic, and things will seem to be always going for you. Diligence, virtue, and good luck all go hand in hand in the quest to better one’s fortunes. Without diligence very little will be accomplished; and what is accomplished will be done very poorly. Lack of diligence will lead to a life of mediocrity. Virtue is what makes a person vital to a business or a group. The manner in which an employee performs tasks is determined by his virtue. Finding workers with virtue is increasingly uncommon. Because of this, containing virtue
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America The Nation of Possiblities - Weems 1 Lara Weems...

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