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Lara Weems English 101-015 Dr Anu Celly Narula March 4, 2008 The Issue of Gender The life styles and habits of men and women are extraordinarily dissimilar. How so? Men open doors for women, buy women pretty delicate gifts, and show off for women; men are more inclined to play sports, enjoy active hobbies, and be leaders. On the contrary, women do few of these things. Women are more prone to be maternal, and take care of those around them; they are also gentler, and generally more compassionate than men. What causes these differences? Gender. Gender is an extremely important aspect of life. The way one reacts to the opposite sex, the way one speaks, and the way one handles situations is all based on gender. Without knowing it, humans do things everyday based on gender. A brother and sister are playing outside in the yard. A small dog runs by, catching both of the children’s attention. The boy’s first instinct is to run after the dog, to play catch, or to wrestle with the dog. The little girl wants to hold, pet, and pamper the dog. Why is there a difference in the reaction between these two children? They are brother and sister, so their genetics are the same, and they live in the same home, so their surroundings are the same—yet their instincts are different. According to Dr. Kohnoe, a Phd Professor at the University of Tennessee, this is because of each child’s gender. The gender of the children influences them to act according to each one’s specific gender stereotype. This idea called the Baby X Experiment (Kohnoe).
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Weems 2 Jamaica Kincaid shows some of the differences in the way men and women live in the short story Girl . Her quote, “This is how you iron your father’s khaki shirt so that it doesn’t have a crease” (381) demonstrates the belief that women are expected to be subservient to men. Kincaid never mentions when or how her father irons his shirt, because it is the woman’s job to
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gender - Lara Weems English 101-015 Dr Anu Celly Narula...

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