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english paper #5 - Fernandes 1 Tony Fernandes Guanglan Jin...

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Fernandes 1 Tony Fernandes Guanglan Jin Writing 104-06 12 December 2007 Ice Bowl The New England Patriots are the face of pro football today with obvious reasons; 3 Super Bowls in 4 seasons. Many great games define these Patriot teams such as the “tuck rule” victory over the Raiders and the Super Bowl XXXVI win over the Rams. The Patriots were never the best offensive or defensive team in the NFL, but had known how to win in pretty much any situation thrown at them. Underdog or favorite, this team seems to have the knack to win no matter what. One game that surely sticks out in the mind of many Patriot fans took place on December 7, 2003 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. The night before the Patriots were to take on the Miami Dolphins in a crucial divisional matchup, a Nor’easter ripped across all of New England. Roads were shut down and the conditions were horrifyingly bad. Cars stuck in snow and cars in ditches littered the highways on the way to Foxboro. Would fans even brave the harsh, dangerous conditions for just a football game? Would the game be cancelled? It wasn’t and the stage was set for a gladiator’s battle between Tom Brady’s Patriots and the Dolphins. 45,000 fans made the troop despite the weather conditions for this showdown of two of football’s most legendary teams. The Dolphins and the Patriots play in the same division (AFC East) with the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills. However the Dolphins/Patriots rivalry is unmatched in almost all of football. This game had much on the line, if the Patriots win they clinched the division and if the Dolphins won they would be tied with the Patriots for first. Fans were in for a real treat, with two of the best
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Fernandes 2 defenses in the league battling and two great offensive players that included, Tom Brady of the
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english paper #5 - Fernandes 1 Tony Fernandes Guanglan Jin...

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