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stargirl paper

stargirl paper - In the novel Stargirl Jerry Spinelli...

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In the novel Stargirl , Jerry Spinelli portrays the meaning of being unique in today’s society where everyone looks, talks and acts the same by showing what happens when someone new and different comes along and changes the way people think. Leo Borlock is just your average high school student, swayed by his peers to be nothing out of the ordinary. Mica Area High School was as plain and normal as any other school, average students, average teachers, and average sports teams. That is, until Stargirl arrived. Stargirl doesn’t care about anything people say about her. She dresses in flowing pioneer skirts and carries a ukulele, along with her pet rat, Cinnamon. Between her serenades for other student’s birthdays and decorating her desk with a tablecloth and a vase with a flower in it, students don’t know what to make of her. When she becomes a cheerleader, she has a rise in popularity; with students imitating her or doing things they would never be caught doing normally. Stargirl goes on to win the school wide oratorical contest with a speech entitled: "Elf Owl, Call Me By My First Name," and continues to be loved by her student body. However, all things good must come to an end. As Leo begins to realize he is falling for this wide-eyed, wacky girl, the rest of the school decides to shun her, and includes Leo when he is with her. Leo must decide if he will leave Stargirl, the sweetest, most caring girl just for the acceptance of others and to gain his own popularity back. “We did not wake up in the morning and ask ourselves, ‘What will Wayne Parr wear today?’ or “How will Wayne Parr act today?’ At least, not consciously. But on some level below awareness, this is exactly what we did. Wayne Parr did not go to football and basketball games, and by and large, neither did we. Wayne Parr did not ask questions in class or get worked up over teachers or pep rallies, and neither did we.
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Wayne Parr did not much care. Neither did we.” (Pages19-20). I believe this quote is rather important, showing how boring and mundane these students are. They picked a standard for themselves, and stuck with it. In any high school, or any type of confined setting in a community, there tends to be a ringleader. Wayne Parr dressed normal, did nothing out of the ordinary, however he was just beautiful. Therefore, the rest of the school followed. It’s easy to imitate people that you look up to. It makes you feel more secure and more able to fit in. Maybe you would think a certain, wacky shirt was cute or a really different, but neat pair of shoes were cool but they would never be taken out of the closet for fear of what other people would think. It’s not easy to be the different one, especially in judgmental societies. As Stargirl rises in popularity because of her good deeds and high spirit, and the
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stargirl paper - In the novel Stargirl Jerry Spinelli...

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