roe v wade - Roe V. Wade Dr. Allan 1....

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Roe V. Wade Dr. Allan 1. 2.
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Jane Roe versus Henry Wade was a serious and one of the most controversial United States Supreme Court rulings in history. It established that laws against abortion violate constitutional rights of privacy under the fourteenth amendment’s liberty clause. This court ruling overturned all state and federal laws that make abortion illegal or restricted it. This case became a politically significant ruling in the Supreme Court, dividing the United States into “pro-choice” or “pro-life” campaigns. This case was first argued on December 13, 1971, reargued October 11, 1972, and finally decided on January 22, 1973. Jane Roe argued that under the United States Constitution, abortion is a fundamental right due to citizens, and all laws that attempt to make abortion illegal or restrict should be scrutinized. The original Texas ruling was that abortion was illegal, unless it was endangering the woman’s life. Without finding any historical basis for the laws, the Court pointed out three justifications in Section VII of the opinion to explain the criminalization of abortion: 1. women who can receive an abortion are more likely to engage in illicit sexual conduct, 2. the medical procedure was extremely risky prior to the development of antibiotics and, even with modern medical
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roe v wade - Roe V. Wade Dr. Allan 1....

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