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Getting Familiar with Published Studies Citation: Kim, Yeung-Jo, and June-Hee Na. “Effects of celebrity athlete endorsement on attitude towards the product: the role of credibility, attractiveness and the concept of congruence. International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship 8.4 (July 2007) Intro/Lit Review: The topic under investigation in this study is the effectiveness of celebrity athletes’ endorsement of both sports related products and non-sport related products. This study uses Jones & Schumann (2000) argument that the use of celebrity athlete endorsers is ineffective in itself and is only rendered effective when combined with credibility and attractiveness of the athletes. Method: The participants in the experiment were instructed to select a celebrity athlete and to pair them with two products that are likely to be compatible with the specific
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Unformatted text preview: athlete. This enabled them to form conclusions on how effectively different celebrities worked with different products. Results: From the results of the above described experiment the authors found that when the athlete and the product have a congruent fit the participants reacted much more favorably. Also more importantly is that the influence of the credibility and attractiveness of the athlete on the participants depends on the congruency of the athlete and the product. Discussion: According the authors the importance of this study is the relationship between celebrity congruency with both sport related and non-sport related products and the influence in which credibility and attractiveness. This study could be built upon by analyzing other factors that could have effect on the advertisements effectiveness....
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